Applying to rent with us

At Widsten we do require a rental application form prior to viewing any of available properties. Why? Some might ask- well for many reasons but primarily we want to know who we are meeting and what it is they are looking for. If we have a listing coming up that may be ideal we want you to know! It also allows us to have all your information on hand so if there are restrictions on pets or the property we’d rather you know ahead of time before you take the time out of your day to view.

After you’ve applied with us your paperwork goes through our computer database and is collected for a property manager to connect with you for a viewing. As efficient as we like to pride ourselves in getting in touch with you, there are some variables to consider such as – have we already shown the property and are awaiting an owners decision on approval? If so this can delay if we are setting up future viewings. Was your application complete? If you’ve left key information blank we may be awaiting the missing info. Please know this can take a few days but we do connect with all applicants by email.

Questions applicants may have:

-Do you do a credit check before I even look at it?

No! We only complete this stage after you’ve viewed the property and have told a property manager you’d like to go ahead.

– Is my information safe?

Yes! We follow governed privacy policies and if you don’t find a rental with us your application is destroyed. This is also why you may need to apply again after a few months if you didn’t find your new home

– What can help make my application strong?

Compete all fields on the application! The information collected on our applications helps a landlord to determine if your what they are looking for in a suitable tenant. If your employer is difficult to reach a letter accompanying your application would be ideal. If it’s a pet friendly rental- photos and information on your furry friend can be passed onto the owner(s). And lastly make sure your references know we are calling- we hate to be the one to let a landlord know their tenant may be moving and delays in connecting with your references delays the process for us too.

– How does one know what a landlord is looking for?

As we manage various properties in Nanaimo & Ladysmith with each having a different owner we often aren’t privy to their decision making. We collect all information and forward to an owner for their approval. They let us know who they want to go with and the signing takes place shortly after. Just because you aren’t chosen doesn’t mean your application was poor. It also depends on the number of applicants applying for the same place.

– Do you rent sight unseen?

No 🙁 we have a firm policy against this. Almost all of our rentals are a one year lease so we want to ensure potential tenants are able to view the property in person as photos don’t always work. It also ensures you get a feel for the area, parking, yard area, bus routes and we want to meet you too of course! We will be your contact in your tenancy for the next year (or more too) so it’s a commitment and we like to ensure all information is there for you to make a solid decision in your next home.

– Why are their limited pet friendly rentals?

This is a common question we get asked. Its an individual owners preference and in some cases it’s for allergies but others it can be for damages they’ve incurred in the past in accepting a pet in the rental unit or it’s a strata bylaw or conflict if there are other tenants in the shared property/building.

Finding your next home is a stressful and challenging time for anyone so we do what we can to help guide you through the process. We hope this information has helped alleviate any concerns or questions you may have in the process ahead.

Our strata corporation recently hired Widsten Property Management and we have found them to be very professional. They have provided us with extremely prompt and courteous service. They have very friendly staff and we would have absolutely no problem in recommending them to anyone in need of strata management services.

- Jim Bergstrom