Tenant Selection

Your tenant has a direct impact on the success of your rental investment. That’s why we make sure you get the right tenants in your rental property in the shortest time possible. To keep your investment protected, we carefully screen every application and employ the following steps in our tenant screening process:

Rental Applications
Finding a suitable tenant for your property is the first step to achieving an income-producing investment. We prescreen applicants to ensure they meet on all basic levels and fill your rental properties with qualified tenants with proven records of on-time rental payments.
Rental History
Through a strict screening process, we verify an applicant’s previous rental experiences, looking into their residence history, rental history, and eviction history.
Reference Checks
We personally call each of the references provided, ensuring the information given is trustworthy and valid. Our property managers have completed training courses through Landlord BC and are fully trained to spot false references.
Credit Reports
After completing the reference checks, our team completes a full credit check through Equifax, verifying creditworthiness, including past debts, bankruptcies, and collections and employment background.

As the largest property management company in central Vancouver Island, we’ll give your rental property the attention it deserves. We utilize many services to promote our available rental properties and services, including online classifieds, off-side marketing and more:

  • IslandRent.com
  • Nanaimo News Bulletin
  • Social Media – Facebook Groups
  • Rental Signs (At Owners Discretion)
  • Craigslist & Used Nanaimo
  • REALTOR & Client Referrals
  • Feature sheets
Rent Collection

All tenancies require rental payment to be made on or before the first day of each month. We make it easy for tenants to pay their rent, offering a variety of convenient payment options, including:

  • Cheque
  • Money Order
  • Interac
  • Pre-Authorized Payments
  • E-transfers

We take a professional, diligent approach to collecting rent on time each and every month. Prior to signing a lease, we communicate our expectations and procedures to tenants clearly and thoroughly. If a tenant is late paying rent, following the procedures outlined in the Residential Tenant Act of BC, we work closely with you and tenant(s) to reach agreeable solutions for all parties. In the rare event that a mutual agreement cannot be made, we proceed with an arbitration procedure through the Residential Tenancy Branch.

Property Inspections – Move In / Move Out

Any time a new tenant is placed into your rental property, we conduct a thorough move-in inspection with a written inspection report documenting the original condition of the property. The Landlord and tenant agree in writing that the move-in inspection fairly represents the condition of the property. Upon the tenant vacating the rental property, a move-out inspection report is completed between both parties, using the original documentation from move in. The move-out inspection determines the amount of security deposit to be refunded, or the amount owing to the Landlord. In the case of disagreement between both parties, an arbitration hearing is arranged to settle the dispute through the Residential Tenancy Branch.

Property Inspections – Interim

We ensure your investment is well maintained with routine inspections. During our routine inspections, we review the property inside and out to view the condition of the rental and spot any potential maintenance issues. We aim for every inspection to be as non-invasive to tenants as possible and stress to all potential tenants that we conduct inspections at designated intervals. An interim inspection will be completed on all properties:

  • After the first three months of a new tenancy
  • Every six months thereafter
  • By maintenance staff as issues arise
  • Follow-up based on a complaint or noise issue

Our focus is to maintain the value of your property by keeping it in optimal condition. We handle all property maintenance requests and coordinate all the repairs. We have an in-house maintenance team as well as reliable and reasonably priced contractors we partner with daily. Through these working relationships, we are able to handle all property maintenance requests with prompt service and preferred pricing. We always use discretion when spending your money, relying on handymen for small repairs and a stable of professional contractors for large repairs. As some repairs require immediate attention, we offer after-hours emergency contact to tenants.

Accounting Services

All rental funds collected are stored in a pooled trust account that is audited by the Real Estate Council of BC. On the fifteenth day of each month, we pay out owners, tradesmen, and employees. We give owners the option to sign-up for automatic deposit into a bank account if they wish. Every month, we send electronic statements, along with copies of invoices, outlining your rental income and any expenses that have incurred in your account. At the end of the year, we provide you with year-end summaries to assist in filing your income tax return.


The full service Widsten Property Management staff consists of:

  • Six Licensed Property Managers
  • Three Unlicensed Property Manager Assistants
  • One Administrative Personnel
  • Two Accounting/Bookkeeping Personnel
  • One Maintenance Manager

We are proud members of LandlordBC society as well as A.G. Kemp & Associates. The latest trends in property management are run as pilot projects through LandlordBC before being implemented into the Residential Tenancy Act. Working with these organizations gives us unlimited access to knowledge and advice on changing industry standards. Our team is always learning and changing with the times to ensure we provide the most efficient management of every rental property.

Management Fees
Contact us today for a free market evaluation & to discuss our fee structure and services

At Widsten Property Management, we treat every rental property as if it were our own. By working closely with you, we make it our goal to make property ownership a hassle-free and rewarding experience. When you partner with Widsten, you can rest easy that your property is in good hands. New Clients are always welcome! We manage rental properties in Nanaimo & Ladysmith areas. Whether you’re a homeowner, landlord, or real estate investor, contact us today to find out and we can help you maximize your investment’s potential.

Owner Testimonials
"I'm so appreciative of Tara & Widsten staff and all you've done over the years. I was so hesitant to hand my properties over to a property manager back in fall 2015 but I was in a position where my tenants had given notice, I was away for several months, and didn't want to ask my family to deal with it for me. I remember our first phone call and how calmly you answered all my questions as I paced around the living room of my airbnb lol! You've been amazing. I will always happily recommend your services to anyone :) ~ J. Spencer