Strata Management Services

We provide a range of strata management services for strata corporations of any size. Our team of strata managers provides advice and guidance to Strata Corporations in a variety of areas such as:

Finance & Accounting
Managing the collection, accounting and spending of strata budget and finances with full financial services tailored to your needs.
Obtaining and managing the strata corporation insurance policy to ensure you have the best coverage possible to protect your strata property and assets.
Construction & Repairs
Negotiating and reviewing contracts with vendors, managing building repairs and providing 24-hour on-call maintenance for emergencies.
Real Estate Law
Navigating through the complexities of real estate law, including the Strata Property Act, Real Estate Services Act, and more.
Industry Specifics
Providing over 20 years of expertise and knowledge on industry-specific subjects, such as building envelope restoration, major building upgrades, and much more.
Communication & Negotiation
Creating positive strata experiences with effective negotiation and timely communication regarding all aspects of your strata property.
Conflict Resolution
Building better communities with effective conflict resolution options for strata disputes and complaints.

With Widsten Property Management as your Strata Manager, you get a team of resourceful, ethical, and action-orientated strata managers who always put your strata corporation’s interests first. As trusted advisors, we always act under the governance of the Real Estate Services Act (RESA), ensuring your strata corporation is professionally managed according to provincial regulations and requirements.

We take a collaborative approach to managing strata property and partner with your strata council to protect the equity of your strata property and support the needs of your strata corporation. Through personalized and dedicated service, we work with you to manage your strata property, fulfill your strata council duties, and keep your residents and community happy.

Our Strata Management Services Include:
Operational Services

We work with the Strata Council to:

  • administrator the common property and common assets
  • enter the Strata Corporation into contracts, at the direction of the Strata Council, for common services such as janitorial services, landscaping, garbage disposal, and pest control
  • monitor service contracts in order to renew the contracts in a timely manner or replace the contractor if necessary
  • ensure that contractors working on the property are covered by WCB and maintain adequate liability insurance
  • hold meetings with the Strata Council according to the agreed to meeting schedule (both Council and AGM)
  • prepare and distribute Council meeting agendas and other documentation required for a successful meeting
  • oversee the execution of Council meeting directives
  • prepare notices general meetings and provide ballots, sign in sheets and other items required for the meetings
  • advise the Strata Council with respect to various issues in order that Council may make informed decisions
  • be familiar with the Strata Property Act and the Bylaws and Rules of the Strata Corporation
  • enforce the Bylaws and Rules through the processes outlined in the Strata Property Act
  • levy fines and perform follow up work when Bylaws and Rules have been breached
  • register liens against strata lots through the processes outlined in the Strata Property Act
  • ensure the Strata Corporation is insured to at least the minimums required by the Strata Property Act
  • deal with emergencies and the resulting insurance claims
  • organize an appraisal for the purpose of placing insurance in the buildings
  • assist the Strata Council in coordinating the work of contractors and trades working for the Strata Corporation
  • provide 24 hour emergency service
Accounting & Financial Statement Preparation

We work with the Strata Council to:

  • collect monthly strata fees, special levies, penalties, user fees and any other revenues to which the Strata Corporation is entitled
  • keep a detailed account and financial history of each strata lot
  • collect the accounts of delinquent owners
  • take legal action when necessary and at the direction of the Strata Council in the collection of monies owed to the Strata Corporation
  • provide a budget proposal annually to the Strata Council
  • provide a monthly accounting of the financial status of the Strata Corporation including a balance sheet, detailed general ledger, bank statement reconciliation, bank statement, detailed listing of each strata lot’s financial status, accounts receivable report, accounts payable report and copies of all invoices as required.
  • pay the Strata Corporation’s invoices once they have been approved
  • provide payroll accounting for site staff
  • keep the Strata Corporation’s funds in a trust account separate from all other clients of the company and separate from funds belonging to the company
  • deal with the Land Title Office on issues pertaining to bylaw registration, title searches, and lien registration
  • comply with BCFSA’s requirement for an annual audit of trust funds
Records Management

We work with the Strata Council to:

  • keep complete records of the Strata Corporation as required by the Strata Property Act and to make such records available to the owners
  • keep an updated register of owners and tenants
  • keep minutes of Council meetings and General meetings of the Strata Corporation
  • receive and respond to Strata Corporation correspondence as directed by the Strata Council
Working with the Strata Council

You make the decisions, we do the work. Partnering with your strata council, we provide the knowledge and expertise you need to make informed decisions. At Widsten, our goal is to understand your vision, meet your needs and form lasting relationships with your strata corporation with openness and respect.

Strata Resources

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